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Lions and tigers and bears... oh my! is giving away FAMILY FOUR PACKS of tickets for the Ringling Brothers Circus on February 1 (Wednesday) and February 2 (Thursday) at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC. to SIX lucky members!


Want to go? Just tell us about your child’s favorite animal – what it is and why. We'd love to see photos of the little ones with their favorite dog, cat, horse or maybe even a snake!


Entries are due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, January 17th. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges from the Herald-Journal and and will be notified by Friday, January 20th. Winners will also be announced on the website. 


Six (6) winners will receive a family four-pack of tickets to the show (2/1 or 2/2 date). Good luck!

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My son's favorite animal would have to be a monkey. I think maybe because they are always jumping and doing crazy things. Which is alot like him. We even nicknamed him monkey, but had to stop calling him by that name because he started to refer to himself as monkey! He also loves dogs, and he has two of them Bonnie and Clyde. He refers to Clyde as Bad boy Clyde, and he is always telling me bad Clyde, again! When we pull into the drive house. Clyde doesn't like to stay put in the back yard and is always finding ways to get out. The picture is of Alexander and Bonnie.

My little Mark's favorite animal is a Tiger.  He loves his Clemson Tigers!

I can't be entered in the contest, but wanted to share anyway. My daughter loves cats. Which is kind of odd, because I'm really not a fan of cats. I prefer dogs. But my mother-in-law, who keeps McKennon while I work, has a cat. Cricket (the cat) basically ignores the kids during the day. I can't say that I blame her. The kids tend to chase her and pull her tail. But recently, for about a week, my daughter and her little cousin who is about the same age, started to scratch each other. Thankfully, they've stopped doing this now, but it probably lasted about 2 weeks. Every day when I would pick McKennon up from my mother-in-laws, she would tell me that either McKennon or her cousin had scratched each other. It was usually on the face, so it's definitely something I would notice. Anyway, as soon as we would get in the car, McKennon would point to her face and say, "Look mama, Cricket scratch, Cricket scratch." She would always blame the cat! My husband finally asked his mom about this, b/c I was getting a little concerned. I mean, I didn't want the cat scratching my child, you know? But his mom said that Cricket never scratched her, it was always just the girls. But they would say Cricket did it. I guess they were trying to get out of trouble, and wanted to blame the poor cat. No wonder she avoids them!!!

My son Austin's favorite animal would have to be our dog, Cody. Every morning when I go in to get him, he stands up in his crib, points towards the spare bedroom where our dogs sleep, and says "Cody". It's the cutest thing. Cody, our 5 year old Pomeranian, was definitely mommy's baby until Austin was born. My friends would always joke that I'd have to carry them both, Cody in one arm and Austin in the other. We weren't too sure how Cody would do adjusting to Austin. We were afraid there would definitely be a little jealousy. However, after we brought Austin home, all our fears went away. Cody, apparently, was in love. He followed anyone who was holding Austin. He layed by his swing. He layed as close to him as he could get without laying on him during nap time. He wanted him to play during tummy time. And 14 months later, they are still best friends. I can't wait for the day Austin is able to throw a tennis ball for him.



Two more weeks to enter! Bumping this contest back to the top...

My daughter Carson is 18 months old. She has speech delay and is going to therapy to help "bump" her over to toddler from baby stage. Part of her therapy is pointing out things I ask her about. She has animals on her high chair, so we talk about the animals she sees. She can't repeat what I tell her yet but she loves to try. Hef favorite by far is the zebra. Maybe it's cause I say, zeeeeebra. She just squeals. Repetition is part of her therapy and ooking at the animals makes is fun and not a chore.

Campbell has a love for all animals.  He loves going to the zoo and making sure I know what kind of sound the animals make. Also, once a month, we visit our local humane society to love on the homeless dogs and cats. 

Recently, we visited the aquarium and he fell in love with Stingrays.  He totes around a small stingray named, "George".  He also loves sharks, whales, and ring seals.

The picture shown is of my husband and Campbell at the Columbia Zoo.

My 2-year old son's favorite animal would have to be a cow. We went to the Hollywild Zoo over Christmas to look at lights. Entering the deer forest, our car was approached by a huge cow. We were feeding him out of our window , when he sneezed and blew cow snot into our car. Gross! Now when you ask my son what sound a cow makes, he says, "MOO, ACHOO!"


my 2 sons joshua and jordan love lions and tigers. they pretend to be lions and tigers chasing around after each other, and making sounds like them. they have never been to the circus,and would love to go. please choose us. my boys would love you to the moon and back. thanks.

My name is Crystal Adkins, We would love to take our lil ones to the circus. I have a 4 year old boy and a 2 yr old girl. I asked my son what his favorite circus animal was and with a big smile on his face he said "The elephants!" I asked him why and he said "because they are so big and have big ears and you can still ride them!" My daughter said she loves "the pretty tigers, because the are pretty!"  lol :)  I dont have pics of the kids with their favorite animals, but here are some of them :) Brooklynn with the deer at Hollywild and Brayden on an old truck, he also loves trucks :)  And Brayden said he also loves the "tall" clown :)


Last day to enter!!

First of all, my daughter is an animal nut!!!  She absolutely adores all animals, big and small!  However, her favorite animals are dogs.  We have two dogs-a shih-tzu named Sasha and a golden mix named Sophie.  Kenzie LOVES playing with them!  Sophie was a rescue from a local organization...we adopted her almost three years ago when Kenzie was three.  When the group brought Sophie to our house for us to meet, they were so worried that our little baby girl would be frightened since she was so much smaller than the golden.  Not Kenzie!  She immediately began petting her and showing her around the house! 

Whenever we're out and Kenzie sees someone with a dog, she just has to ask to pet their dog.  She's great with them!  She's also an expert dog walker...not only does she walk our dogs, but she also happily walks my sister's boston terriers, Fia and Bogart.  Kenzie says she loves dogs so much because they're cute and they give you kisses (she got one unexpectedly from Sophie in the picture below:)

When I asked her what her favorite non-domestic animal was, she told me it would have to be a giraffe...because they're cute and soooooo tall!

Kenzie is an absolute animal lover!  Nothing would give her more pleasure than to win a trip to the circus to see three rings full of them...and nothing would give me more pleasure than to be able to take her and see all the smiles and laughs that a trip to the circus would bring!


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