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When did you first leave your child overnight?

How old was your child when you left them overnight for the first time? What were the circumstances?


My daughter is 2 1/2 and I've had to be away overnight for one night on business shortly after she turned two years old. It was hard, and that was with my husband watching her. She has never spent the night with anyone other than my husband or me. At some point I am sure a trip for just the two of us will come up, some I am curious as to what everyone else has done...

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WOW!!!  Kim, I had no idea!  We lef tCooper with my mom when he was 6 months old.  I had just stopped nursing him and he was on formula fulltime.  Curt and I had a date night and came home to an empty house and slept about an hour later than normal.  Of course, the next morning we were there as soon as we got dressed and ready. 


Seeger stayed with my mother-in-law.  He was about 3 1/2 months old.  For our anniversary trip to the Biltmore House.  We stayed at the Hyatt and loved every minute of it!  It was a lot nicer getting away from two kids than it was with just Cooper.  At that point we NEEDED a break!


When I leave them (other than when I had Seeger and COULDN'T see Cooper at all for THREE DAYS bc of flu regulations), I am only leaving them for less than 24 hours.  We drop them off at dinner time and are back after breakfast the next morning.  Only one night.  When we took our anniversary trip it almost killed me to be away for so long.  We dropped them off about 1 on Friday and got back to them about noon Saturday.  It was just too long for me.  Now that they are older, I could go two nights in a row for Cooper, but Seeger is still too young.  My parents wasnted to take Cooper to Disney for a week and I said NO before they could finish asking me!  LOL!


You do what you feel right, there is no right or wrong time to leave her. 

I'm a very anxious stay at home mom. But I think it is extremely important for the parents to get away every now and then. For me to say that means I really believe it! Not only is it good for the marriage, but its good for the kids too. I'm not talking week long trips to Europe, but an anniversary weekend to the mountains....yes.


First time I left my 3-year-old was for a wedding when he was 7 months. I was gone 48 hours exactly and it was extremely hard for me! But, I had a great time - slept in, drank too much at the wedding, missed him, but enjoyed my weekend. Had more weekend weddings when he was 12 and 14 months old. Those were easier. Then had a girls weekend when he was 2 which was a blast. Have another girls weekend next weekend. It will be the first time I leave my second baby. I am feeling very anxious. Reminds me of that first time I left his big brother for the weekend. He's 7 months old and I have not been away for more than a couple of hours since his birth. So it is hard, but I know I need it.....very badly.


My parents have watched him anytime my husband I have both been away together. If it is just me, my husband has. This time for two kids, my husband's parents are coming in town to help him out. This will help my 3-year-old not miss me as much and distract him when husband is dealing with the baby.


Kim, if you have only been away from her once for one night in 2 1/2 years.....GO!!! She'll be fine with your parents. You're overdue for an anniversary weekend with the hubs! She'll love spending the night at grandma's. Since Nathan has been 2, he spends a night every now and then with my parents. Just because he loves it, they want him, and we want to go to a movie (or since baby was born, have a night with just one child). Its great grandparent bonding time. If you think for any reason the first time away you don't want to send her anywhere, have your mom come spend the night at your house. We did that when baby Luke was born to make sure Nathan didn't feel like he was being sent away! Anyway, I assure you that you will have a good time and so will Kelsey!

Maybe it's different as a working mom... I feel like I need to grab all the time I can with her! We don't have any major events coming up, but I was listening to a friend about to go away on a cruise with 1 5 month old left at home and was wondering what everyone had chosen to do.

Yes, I think it is different for working moms. I can understand that. Like I said, I've never been away from Luke for more than a moms night out (and most of those I've put him to bed first!) in his whole 7 months. I didn't leave Nathan till he was 7 months either. I don't think I could have done an overnight before then. Now, my brother and sister-in-law have done week-long vacations since their oldest was a least once a year. I don't think I could do that for a while. My husband and I are talking about a trip for our 10 year anniversary for maybe a week without kids. They will be 3 and 7 then. I think that is possible then. Leaving my baby for a, can't do!
I think it would hard as a working mom as well.  Just think about all the time you HAVE spent with her.  Go away, enjoy yourself!  You will come home and love her so much more than you do now because of the time away from her.  If you think Kelsey will have a problem, don't go too far away.  Get a hotel close to home, and have grandma stay at your house with her.  That way if she has a freak out (or if you do), you will be close enough to come home!  GL!!!
I started with our daughter at about one year of age overnight with her grandparents. She is four and has never stayed the night with anyone except her grandparents. I don't know when I will start letting her spend that night with people other than grandparents. I know that she would love to spend the night with her cousin but I don't know that I am ready!! I guess it would be okay because after all it is family. I do not know when I will let her stay at a friend's house. I do know from teaching that many children start around first or second grade staying with friend. I have a little bit of time before then!!!

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