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Tell us about your little one's "Fashion Sense" for a chance to win some adorable smocked clothing from Smockaroos! is excited to team up with Smockaroos to offer this wonderful opportunity to win some adorable smoked items for your little one!


It's easy to enter - tell us about your little one's fashion sense - or lack thereof! What's the funniest outfit your son or daughter has ever come up with on their own? Does your mini-me love to dress up silly at home or do they take their daring ensemble out in public? We want your stories - and photos if you have them! Reply to this discussion for a chance to win some terrific prizes:


One Grand prize winner will receive two new Smockaroo outfits of their choice

Two Runners-Up will receive one outfit of their choice


Entries must be added no later than Wednesday, April 18 at 11:59 p.m. Winners will be posted on the site on Friday, April 20.


Want to get really excited about the contest? Check out Smockaroos online or through their Facebook page:


We can't wait to hear (and see!) your stories - good luck!

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I am not able to enter the contest, but I did want to share my son's fashion "non-sense".


This is my son, Campbell's, fashion "non-sense".  According to my son, he was going to work.  I am not sure why he only has on one sock, but he asked me if he was beautiful.  Too cute!


my daughters sense of style is her own... She has had pink streaks in her hair as well as various color clip in extensions. and loves to wear any shirts right now with superheroes.  We have rocked Bumblebee and Iron Man costumes in public, as well as power ranger masks with a ninja sword belt.  Also 'tattoo sleeves" and capris with funky knee high socks.  I figure it is fun for them and they are only young once, bigger things we can stress about :)

My son got a belated birthday present, Bumblebee (Transformers) pj's.  He received them after dinner time and demanded to wear them in place of what he was already wearing.  I told me that Bumblebee needed a bath. He cried and cried and cried. And screamed and cried some more because Bumblebee was taking a bath. Needless to say, that night, his bed time did not come until after 9pm! And then he wouldn't take them off for 2 days!!!! I know this isn't that silliest thing, but it's frustrating when you kid is walking around in stinky clothes and could care less!

I can't be entered to win, but wanted to share my little girl's "fashion sense." I LOVE smocked dresses, and cute things that are mongrammed. My daughter does not seem to appreciate these cute outfits! She wants to wear something with Dora the Explorer, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, etc., etc., etc. And my husband bought this very ugly dora bow that has a bottle cap on it. Of course, McKennon wants to wear it everywhere. It matches nothing! I'll upload a photo tonight. But she's definitely getting to the age where she wants to pick out what she's going to wear. This mama is not enjoying it so much!

Bumping this back to the top! Don't forget to enter this contest for a chance to win some awesome smocked outfits for your little one! It's easy - just tell us a story about your little one's fashion sense, or lack thereof. April 18 is the deadline - enter soon!

My future is so bright...I gota wear shades.

My little girl may only be two, but she thinks she is a little fashionista. She likes to pick out her own clothes as well as mommy's and daddy's. She'll say, "I'll pick you out a shirt Daddy." It is so cute and I have to say that she has pretty good taste. When she looks in her closet with me, she always wants to wear the cute outfits I try to save for "special occasions." I love that she wants to wear her sweet dresses and such, but sometimes we just need to throw on a pair of shorts and a tee (for the park and such). To top it off... she always has to get her hair fixed before bed. Meaning- she wants me to put it up in a bow or such after bath. She says "mommy, please fix my hair." I never knew that a two year old would care so much about their fashion.  I guess I really can't complain... I always hoped for a girly girl and I definitely got one. I sure love that girl!

And the winners are... 


Grand Prize - Michelle Ford

Runners Up - Kristina Pilat and Carla Hatchette

Thanks for entering! I will message you separately regarding claiming your prize. Thanks again to Smockadots for sponsoring!

We are so excited.....thank you so much. I cannot wait to visit the website again.

Thank you very much!

Congrats to all of our winners.  Be sure to share your little one's in their new smocked outfits from Smockaroos!




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