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Do any of the local Spartanburg mothers have any pediatrician suggestions? I'm planning ahead a bit - I'm four months pregnant - but I know some doctors take some time to get in with, too.



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I have a 16 month old daughter, and we go to Pediatric Associates. We see Dr. Pennebaker and absolutely LOVE him. My daughter hates going to the dr and cries even when they are just listening to her heartbeat. But his nurse and dr. pennebaker are so patient with her. I've also seen several other doctores at Pediatric Associates. My best friend sees Dr. Sirca, and they love him. But I've not seen a doctor that I didn't like. You can also go and meet/interview with a doctor before your little one arrives. Because you won't necessarily see the doctor you choose at the hospital once your baby is born. You will just see whoever is on rounds from that practice. But I definitely recommend Pediatric Associates! Good luck!
I have a 4 year old and 15 month old. From day one we have used Palmetto Pediatrics West which is beside Target.  I  have seen a few of the doctors and have like them all.  I went there based on comments of friends that take their children there.  We see Dr. Donna Smith and have been very pleased.  We have also seen Dr. Parra and Dr. Mahaffey as well.  Feel free to call and interview them.  
I have two girls, 16 and almost 10.  We have seen Dr. Luci Daley since the beginning and absolutely LOVE her.  She is very kind and loving with her patients and the parents.  She doesn't talk down to you or try all those "doctor" terms on you.  she is straight forward.  I would recommend her 100% of the time to any one.  She is located on Hwy 9 at North Grove Medical Park at Palmetto Pediactrics.

I have an 8 month old son and he sees Dr. Colburn at Pediatric Associates.  I absolutely love her because she's young-ish and recently had her second baby so she can easily relate.  Plus, she's a pretty laid-back, go with the flow, do what works for you kind of doctor and I really like that about her.  The office is in the Mary Black Hospital building (which is where I delivered) and she was recommended to me by the doctors at the hospital after I gave birth.  Oh, and it wasn't hard to get in there - I was discharged on a Friday (considered a 24 hour discharge on a technicality, and those require a two day follow-up with a pediatrician) and called that afternoon to make an appointement the following Monday and it wasn't difficult to schedule at all.  Good luck!!


PS. They have a Facebook page if you want to check them out - just search for it :)

I would recomend Pediatric Associates to anyone. They are great.

I have been taking my kids there for 22 years.

Thank you everyone for your posts on this subject.   I am due in a month and have been trying for over 2 months to get a short appointment with 2 of the doctors at Palmetto Pediatrics. The office staff wouldn't let me schedule one even though I promised not to take much time. They would only mail a pamphlet to me with info on each doctor.  Ironically both the pamphlet and another pamphlet I received from Sptg Regional said they would be happy to meet with potential new clients!  The last time I called them, they said I could only meet with the office manager. The office manager is not the one who will be treating my child, so that would be little help to me. I know it is flu season but I have been calling for months and just want a short face-to-face with the doctors.

  Although my friends love Dr. Smith and Dr. Yelton, I have given up on trying to meet with them and will now look in to Pediatric Associates. One thing I like about them is that they have a website. I can't believe that Palmetto Pediatrics has no website!!


Hi Beth! I use Pediatric Associates and love it. I'm not sure if they will meet with potential clients, but once you decide on a specific office, you will quickly find out which doctors are your favorite. And you can always switch to another doctor. That's what we did. I knew I wanted to use Pediatric Associates, since all of my cousins take their children there. When you are in the hospital after your delivery, you just see whoever is on rotation. We saw Dr. Beavers. I will say that he was very thorough. He took his time, didn't rush and anwered all of our questions. But once we started going on a regular basis, we saw Dr. Pennebaker. Love, love, love him! He is fabulous with my daughter, and she definitely does not make it easy on him. She has severe food allergies, so we were in the doctor's office a lot the first few months of her life. But we just love Dr. Pennebaker. We've also seen Dr. Sirca and Prigge. I would recommend them as well. Good luck on your search! I know it's a difficult decision to make!


I'm really surprised about the inability to get an appointment - we met with a doctor from Palmetto Peds West, Palmetto Peds North Grove and Pediatric Associates and had no issues getting in. I wonder if it is the time of year? I know their offices have been flooded with flu and strep and had to operate into the evenings to see the patients. Good luck!
We go to Dr. Lucy Daley at Palmetto Pediatrics and love her.  She was easy to set up a meeting with when we were pregnant and we really liked her and the new clean office at North Grove.

Related to this topic, see my new blog today about teaching kids not to be afraid of doctor visits....

We see Dr.Kidwai at palmetto peds.North Grove. He is a great Dr. and really listens to what i am saying and really spends time with my daughter she's 6 months. I would recommend them to anyone...

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