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Just wondering what other moms think of this. I heard something about it on the radio this week. Apparently it's gaining a lot of popularity. Would you consider getting a tattoo to honor your child? I have a fear of needles, and I'm not big on tattoos anyway, so it's not something i would do, but I think if you did it in the right way it could be a really cool way to honor the birth of your child. You often hear about fathers doing this, but not mothers. Just wanted to get your thoughts...

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I have tattoos for each of my children. For my daughter, I have a Raggedy Ann on my ankle with her name over it. For my middle child, I have his footprint from his birth certificate with his name under it. For my baby I have a guitar (he's a huge guitar and drum fan) with his name beside it.

I already have a couple tattoos and have thought of getting one for my little boy but couldnt decide what I wanted to get

I have my son's footprints on my leg with his name. I also have my daughter who was stillborn on the other leg . I have to get one for my youngest soon. I love mine.


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