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Hi Everyone! I just wanted to make sure everyone saw that we are having a play date on Tuesday, March 27 at the Happy Hollow Park in Converse Heights from 4:30-6:30 p.m. The park is on Glendalyn Ave. Just let me know if you need directions. This is a great park for kids of all ages! They also have a covered picnic area if you would like to bring dinner for your family. I hope everyone can come out to play!

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Hi Ashley
We will try to be there I have 2 little boys 2+ 3 years old
Would love to meet some moms in the area
See you then

That sounds great! I'll see you there!

Hope we will be able to make it!

Hope to see you there Casey!

We're planning on coming too.  See you there!

Great! We'll see you this afternoon!

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A gathering place for moms in Upstate South Carolina.

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