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As a parent of one of the last girls in the class to have a birthday, I am looking for some creative ideas for a three-year-old brithday party! She wants a princess theme, so I have that covered, but I need some location/what to do ideas. Others in her class have had the play at home party, a water balloon party, a Sunshine Ranch (ride ponies) party, a balloon fairy party, and a tea party.

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Maybe do a tiara/crown craft. According to how much time you have to pre-pare, You could pre-cut some tiara/crown shapes in construction paper (I guess kind of like the Burger King ones) and let them use marker, crayons, glitter, etc. to decorate them. Once decorated glue stick them to shape.

At 3, she'd not know the difference in having it at home or elsewhere. Maybe she would, but too young to really care! So you could have a tea part princess party at your house complete with tea sets and such. You could do a craft to make crowns/tiaras that Jennifer talked about. Or a pin the crown on the princess game (like pin the tail on the donkey).


I have gotten several birthday party ideas from this site. I found a princess page for you there:


If you did want to have it elsewhere, does Rose Cottage do stuff like this? Tea parties I mean? But at 3, home might be better than a sit down place! A friend of mine took her daughter to a bday party (for a 6 year party) at a place in Charlotte that does nothing but princess tea parties! Gheesh!


And if you're inviting boys, it could be a "princess and pirates" theme. A friend of mine did this for her daughter since she has a little brother and most the girls invited had brothers too. It was adorable!

I'm pretty sure it was Parents magazine that emailed me and this month if I'm not mistaken they had party ideas and crafts in it so check it out. They're always very helpful and creative.


Oh Disney Family Fun magazine always has awesome birthday party ideas. Their website has lots of stuff. I was just on it looking at Jake and the Neverland Pirates bday party ideas. We'll be at the beach this year for my son's 4th bday, so thought that would be perfect. All the pirate themed stuff I've seen elsewhere is more bigger kid themed, not cute little kid pirate like Jake! Anyway, I'm sure that site would have plenty of Princess party ideas!

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