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My husband and I are expecting our 4th child in May. I had made an appointment at Carolina OBGYN for my first visit. Because I have been having some issues, I have been seen in the office twice. Both times by a doctor named Dr. White. He has the worst bedside manners I have EVER seen in my life, and I honestly don't see him being VBAC friendly. So, I'm looking for either a different OBGYN office or a different doctor at Carolina OBGYN that I can see. I'll be calling the office today expressing my frustration with Dr. White and asking that I never be put on his schedule for anything. It took me 5 years to find an OBGYN that I loved in Georgia, and now I'm scared I wont be able to find one up here. :( 


If you have seen several doctors at Carolina OBGYN could you give me an idea if most of the doctors are pretty good. I will change practices if the majority are like Dr. White. I want my birthing experience to be the best it can be, and without a good doctor on your side, that's just not possible. 


Thanks in advance! 

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I would just like to add (since Anna Ryan mentioned Dr. April Johnson) that my husband and I were both told by Dr. Johnson that if we did not want intermittent monitoring during labor, we could go to another hospital (meaning somewhere other than Mary Black). I had a normal pregnancy with no complications. She was very put off that we had a birth plan. Funny thing is, I WAS able to have intermittent monitoring throughout my labor. I will never go back to Carolina OB/GYN. I now see Dr. Harris at Greer OB/GYN and she has a wonderful bedside manner.

Dr warren was my life saver. I loved him. I also saw all the others in the office, except Davis. Dr. Ellis was sweet, dr. Merrilk delivered for me and se was good as well. Those were my favorites. I ly problem I had is you rotate and don't know who will deliver

Kelly Brooks said:
Dr. Warren with Piedmont Womens is the "BEST" doctor you could ask for. He followed me with my threatened twin pregnancy and he was absolutly great. I have many other friends that have seen him and agree. Also Dr. Adrien Ellis is in the practice and she is wonderful too. I would not recommend Dr. H Geip with Spartanburg OBGYN. I wish you luck in finding the perfect physician for you.

I can help you.  I have been at this practice for over 15 years.  I don't want to bash anyone, though.  Feel free to confidentially email me at  Thanks-and don't worry.

I have already given birth Shelly. I delivered with The Women's Clinic and had the best experience to date. Dr. Brown delivered my 4th son, Landry. She was rooting for my 2nd VBAC and with her help I was able to have the perfect one yet. :) Thanks for thinking of me though!

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