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I know we have a few expecting mommies on the site. How are you doing and feeling? Any big news to share?

I'm almost 33 weeks and getting close to the waddling stage! I can tell baby is getting pretty big. It is so cool to be able to make out head, bottom, feet, etc. Only major problem is that he is breech. Had an appointment this morning and doctor confirmed that. I pretty much knew he was since I can tell where his head and feet were, but I was hoping maybe I was wrong! Nope.

They scheduled me for an ultrasound in 4 weeks to check position and fluid levels (I had low fluid with my first). If he is still breech, they'll schedule a c-section for 2-3 weeks after that depending on fluid levels. I'd rather go as long as possible to get baby's weight up and to give him a chance to turn. Doc says it is unlikely he will turn past 36 weeks, but there have been occasions when they do. Because I had a c-seciton with Nathan, they will not try to do the turning thing they do sometimes. He has to be head down for me to try a vbac. So turn, baby, turn!!!!

I think I'm going to miss being pregnant. I love having a baby belly and feeling his movements. Most likely this will be our last baby. Funny how I have been full of complaints this pregnancy, but I'm still going to miss it! Of course I can't wait to meet this little guy though and see how Nathan is as a big brother! We're pretty much ready. Moving Nathan to his new room this weekend and then getting the nursery set up with new bedding and a few new decorations. Then need to wash and put away all baby's clothes, bedding, burp clothes, etc. And of course set up all the baby gear! Oh where is all going to go!!!!

Complaints - heartburn, swelling (just starting that), carpel tunnel in my right hand (very weird!), not sleeping well, moving slowly, braxton hicks contractions when I'm on my feet too long. Fun times! Oddly enough, i really didn't have any of that with Nathan. This pregnancy has been SO DIFFERENT!

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I'm 16 weeks today. The baby seems to be growing fast, but this is our first, so everything's new.


I still have morning sickness, except always at night. That's not been fun. On top of that, I had some cramping that the doc and I finally decided had to do with the baby growing so fast, as well as some constipation. (TMI, sorry). Also back pain - I've never really had trouble with back pain before, so that's new. Also, even though I'm in my second trimester, I'm still SO TIRED! That's been a huge challenge, especially since I work kind of long hours (usually between 10-15 hours, 4 days a week).


We really haven't done much of the preparations, mostly because we're waiting to find out the baby's gender. I'll find out in four weeks! I'm sort of still in the "fat? or pregnant?" stage, where people who don't know arent' sure by looking at me.

Hi Maryeah! I still felt bad at the beginning of my second trimester too. It wasn't until going into my third that I really started feeling better. Except for the back pain. I'm sorry to tell you, but that did not get better until after my daughter was born. The back pain was the worst for me. But I did get my husband to rub my back every night, which did help. And a heating pad, set on low. If you're sitting at work, you should also get up and walk around several times a day. I'm usually sitting at work, and I even started bringing a pillow to put behind my back, which also helped. I hope you feel better soon! It does get easier!

Hey Maryeah, oh the joys of pregnancy! Reading back what I wrote when I started this post when pregnant with my second child (he's now 7 months old!), I have already forgotten some of the pains of pregnancy. Completely forgot about my carpel tunnel. That was terrible for like 3 months and I've already forgotten about it! And I had terrible heartburn. Never had that in my life except for the 9 months I was pregnant with him....not even with my first baby! I was tired with both my pregnancies, especially my second since I was taking care of a 2-year-old too. If I sat down for more than 3 minutes, i'd usually be asleep. Not kidding. Funny that after the baby is born, sure you're exhausted from getting up so much with an infant, but it is a different tiredness from pregnancy. I actually thought I felt better after I had him even though I only got sleep in 2 or 3 hour incriments for 3 months and getting over c-section surgery!


Oh and with him, the second trimester was worst. While I felt morning sickness during first pretty bad, I never actually threw up till second trimester....and a lot! Lovely. And I had cramping as he grew too. In fact, some at around 35 were so severe, i ended up in the hospital since I had bleeding too. Turned out, I was doubled over in pain that day because he had turned from breech to head down. And caused bleeding in the process. I was happy until 2 1/2 weeks later when I developed high blood pressure and had to have a c-section anyway!


Wow. Remembering all this is reminding me that we're done with 2 kids!


I'm 23 weeks now, and completely showing. We're having a boy! He's very active - I feel him kicking and moving every single day, and have since just before 20 weeks.  It's exciting. Just yesterday my husband finally felt him moving around, too.


I'm craving sweets like MAD. It's so hard to eat healthy when all I want is a doughnut. I'm looking around now at newborn photographers (inspired by my best friend, who just had a little girl a short time ago.)

Enjoy this very special time in your pregnancy!! Congratulations on a son-to-be.
It looks as though baby #4 is on the way! We are excited about this journey God has us on and looking forward to meeting him or her this May! :)
Hey Amber! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! How are the boys reacting to the news?

Thanks Ashley! We are so excited! :) 


They are excited. They want this little one to be a girl so badly! They said that if it's a boy we can take it back and trade it for a little girl. lol. I'm hoping, for their sake, it's a girl this time. However, I'm sure once the baby is born, they won't care what gender I bring home. :) 

Awwww! Well, if it is a girl, then she will definitely be spoiled! And 3 big brothers! No one will be messing with her! I hope you're feeling well. I know those first few weeks are kind of rough, and you have 3 active boys to take care of too!

Yes she would be!! 

I'm feeling okay. Morning sickness started pretty early... but it's not too bad. saltines and myself have become the best-est of friends. :) Being so tired is the hardest part with the kiddo's... they just don't understand. But we are hanging on... and I'm sure it will get better after the 1st trimester is over. 

Congratulations Amber! How far along are you?  I'm due May 3rd so I'm 10 weeks+ This is going to be our third, I'm both excited and terrified. How old are your other children? We have a 8 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. We're actually not going to find out the sex until the baby is here. Unless God has other plans this is our last and we want the surprise. I hope your morning sickness has subsided some.

Hello all, I'm 7 weeks with my first baby.. super excited.  Feeling tired but thinking I need to get myself to be more active or I feel worse..  Yesterday bought a belly band since some of my pants are starting to feel tight; will see if that really works.  Have my 1st official doctor appt this week.

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