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It's me again with another newbie question. Anyone out there use any of the diaper services? I found one Piedmont Diapers in Spartanburg but found a couple different locations. Wasn't sure which to contact and none of them have a website. :(


I would love to not throw tons of diapers out but hated doing cloth diapers with my first child. I hated having to rinse and scrub and soak messy diapers and then still not get them clean. Any info would be terrific. Thanks!

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What exactly does a diaper service do? I use cloth diapers with my 16 month old, and used them with my previous boys before they were potty trained... but I have no idea what a diaper service is? 



they would pick up soiled diapers and drop off fresh ones. But the more I research the more I'm leaning towards those bumgenius diapers. They sound amazing and could save us around $1,000 over two years.

I never knew about any places like that!! I just wash mine myself. What type of cloth diapers do you use now? I use Bumgenius, But mostly Fuzzibunz Pocket Diapers. I LOVE those the best. 


Are you familiar with "stripping" your diapers? (to get them extra clean?)

I am not using any rightnow. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second. I tried cloth diapers with my firs (15 years ago) and hated everything about it. These new ones sound awesme thoug. No, I haven't heard of stripping. I've heard of leaving them out in the sun.
Sometimes if you have "hard water" the cloth diapers will over time develop an ammonia smell when left overnight. If you put them in the washer with 1 tsp of DAWN dish detergent... and rise them until you don't see any more bubbles, it will "strip" them and they wont have that smell anymore.
I have no advice for you, but try community boards for advice. I think there are whole cloth diapering groups. A friend of mine using the fuzzibunz and she loves them. I've also heard great things about Gdiapers, but I think they are the most expensive. Try signing up on or I've seen cloth diaper sale alerts there.

Hi Heather -

I just moved to Spartanburg from Asheville and am expecting baby #3 in April. I washed for the first two and would really love to have a service at least for a little while for this one. Did you have any luck with this place? Not only do they not have a website, the number listed says it is not available for incoming calls, which seems really weird. My nesting instinct may just be strong enough to start one, but then it makes me tired to think about it. Many thanks.

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