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Win Tickets to Sesame Street Live courtesy of! is giving away premium tickets for the Sesame Street Live show in September 2012 at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville! Our grand prize winners will also receive meet & greet passes to visit with two of the characters before the show.


It's easy to enter: tell us about your child’s musical antics – singing in the grocery store, your child's first song, something they heard on the radio that they began singing that maybe they shouldn't have been singing, etc. We would love to see photo of video posts to go along with these as well - but not a requirement. Just post your comments as a reply to this forum!


Entries will be due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 18. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges from the Herald-Journal and Winners will be notified by September 20 and will be announced on the site.


Three (3) Grand Prize Winners will receive a family four-pack of premium tickets to the show (Saturday, September 29 – 10:30 a.m.), pre-show meet & greet passes and a full prize pack from Sesame Street.


Eight (8) Runners-Up will receive a family four pack of tickets to the show and coloring book/crayons.


All grand prize winners will be featured in a print ad on Tuesday, September 25 in the Herald-Journal.


Not a member? It's free and easy to register - follow this link and you'll be on your way to posting soon!


Good luck! We can't wait to hear your stories...


While you're here, don't miss the other contest we have running - tell us about how you are a FAN-atic for your favorite team to win some great prizes! Here's the link:

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The contest is underway! Enter today...

I found out that my 3 year old actually has been listening to the radio, so thankfully I figured that out in time, and he no longer listens to the radio, he has his own CDs. He'll just singing them at random. He also knows church music as well. And his favorite is "Holy Holy Holy." If you don't know the song the first line is this: Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty.  We say grace before our meals, and when I say it's to say grace, he folds his hands, bow's he head and sings "Holy Holy Holy! SANTA CLAUSE!!! Amen!" You gotta love the smile he gives while doing it. I would love to get it on camera, but he won't perform on cue.

The first song my daughter learned in its entirety was "Rain is a Good Thing" by Luke Bryan. I thought it was cute until the first time she started belting out "Rain makes corn, corn makes whis-kay, whis-kay makes my bay-bay, a little bit fris-kay!" (she fudged the words a little) at the top of her three year-old lungs while riding through Wal-Mart.

I knew Isaiah was probably going to be musical when I was pregnant with him due to the fact that he would become unusually active whenever music was playing.  In fact the first time I felt him move at 15 weeks of pregnancy was during the praise and worship music at church.  At 17 months he started singing.  Just stood up in the crib one day and started singing a worship song from church.  We could not understand the words but recognized the melody.  At 3 years old he started picking out melodies of songs her would hear on the radio and at church on his toy xylophone.  I pulled out my old piano to see what he would do with it.  He was a natural.  We signed him up for lessons for a few months and he did okay but he was so young and just did not have the attention span at the time so we took a break.  Here is a video of him playing and singing "Sing a Song" (with me on violin) at his preschool this summer.  He learned this song from watching Sesame Street videos.  He has just started kindergarten this week at the Spartanburg Charter School and we think he may be ready for lessons again.  Isaiah Performing Sing a Song

Aww Carla. She is adorable!

Carla Hatchette said:

My daughter Carson is 2 now and absolutely in love with music. She has a sensory delay and is now having Babynet come to her daycare every other week to work with her. They use music to help bring her out of her shyness. On her second birthday ( July 2) she had a total Sesame Street party. She is wild about Elmo. As of now she about 6 months behind on her speech and thru music she is really able to express herself. She does "ring around the roses" with her 2 older cousins and I had an 8X10 picture of the girls on my desk. Carson picked it up and started going in circles doing her best to sing "ring around the roses" as she spun around. My heart is swelling and my eyes are tearing up just thinking about it. She is precious and we are blessed to have her.

My Son Chase's  first song was Jesus loves Me.  My family wanted him to have a strong religious background from an early age.

My daughter Taylor is 2 1/2! We have quickly discovered that she is very vain! She loves to watch herself in my large hanging mirror singing "I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT"!!! Her favorite part in the whole song is "wiggle wiggle yea" and she shakes her whole body till she dizzy and can barley stand!!!!!

She will be a year old next week but has always loved music! From the minute she was born, music always seemed to soothe her. Now she loves to dance to it, as seen in the video!

My 18 Month old is a musician in the making. Her dad plays drums and she has her own little set just like his.  She even strums on her own ukulele. One thing about her that I love to watch is what I call her her "acoustics test."   She goes around the house banging on objects to see what they sound like. Her favorite sounds come from the washer and dryer.  

Watching her dance and make up her own songs is such a joy.  Now, if I could only get her to eat broccoli as much as she sings about it!!

Although my 16 month old can not yet sing a song, she loves to hum along with music. Her favorite song right now is the TV show The Big Bang Theory theme song. She will stop whatever she is doing, run over to the tv when the music starts and hum and dance to the 30 seconds that the theme song is playing. It's so cute, and I can't wait for her to start talking more so she can sing along with it!

My son enjoyed playing the keyboard during the Christmas season.

(I had already posted this, but realized the video didn't work so I'm trying again...)


This is my awesome son Tyler singing Angel's We Have Heard on High. They did it last year as part of the Children's choir Christmas performance at church. He loves music and has an outstanding ability to learn new songs. 

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